Meet the CommuteSmart Team!

Lindsey G. West is the deputy director of operations at the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham. She is responsible for managing the Elderly and Disabled Medicaid Waiver program, the 530 HIV/AIDS Waiver program, CommuteSmart and Alabama Partners for Clean Air. Lindsey has worked with several companies throughout her career with communications and marketing efforts in … Continue reading

10th Annual Bike to Work Day

May is National Bike Month, and the League of American Bicyclists is promoting Bike to Work Week beginning Monday, May 13 through Friday, May 17. The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham and CommuteSmart will host its 10th Annual Bike to Work Day event on Friday, May 17, 2013, from 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. … Continue reading

Pop-Up Project: Avondale

Pop-Up Project is a multifaceted event that will help communities transform. The event will happen in three stages. First, a worthy neighborhood is selected. Then volunteers are called to help restore vacant buildings and create sustainable community amenities, i.e. vertical gardens, palette chairs and secured bike racks. Finally, the work of volunteers will be unveiled … Continue reading

Vanpool Commuter Spotlight

In March 2011, Sandra Hight Robinson joined a vanpool from Hayden to downtown Birmingham. She liked the idea of reducing the cost of driving her own car and the convenience of being dropped off and picked up right at the door of work every day. Little did she know, a week later her future husband … Continue reading

A Note from a Carpooler

“Sharon and I have been commuting for at least four years. We have seen each other through difficult times. Family issues, work issues and personal issues. CommuteSmart provided a way for two women who live one mile apart to meet each other and share one hour a day together. We may have casually met, but we would not … Continue reading

The Smarter Way to Work

Have you ever been sitting in 5 o’clock traffic thinking, “There has to be a better way to get to and from work!” Or maybe you work with someone that lives down the street from you. Or you and your spouse ride together to work every day. Good news! CommuteSmart can help you! If you … Continue reading