Star commuter hopes for transit improvements

Every day, rain or shine, since March 2001 – that’s how long Dennis Wills has been riding the transit, walking or biking to work. The bus stops right on the street outside his house, but sometimes if it is not on schedule with when he needs to get to work, he will make the six-mile trek on foot or bicycle.

“One Monday, it had been raining heavy and I had to walk to work,” Wills said. “By the time I got to the gates of ACIPCO there was water up to my knees. Sometimes it’s inconvenient, but I have to do it.”

So, after reading a Birmingham News article about CommuteSmart in 2007, Wills registered for the program and started receiving incentives for his commutes.

“I enjoy riding the bus, it gets me to work,” Wills said. “But now I have this great benefit that helps a little toward my cost to ride. All citizens can take advantage of it.”

Although Wills enjoys riding the bus, he still says he is hopeful for improvements to the system with the addition of its new executive director. Among those improvements, Wills hopes for “new morale among transit personnel” and more bus riders.

“People aren’t giving up the convenience of driving their cars, and I hope that changes,” Wills said.

CommuteSmart thanks you, Mr. Wills, for your active participation in our program and for taking a clean commute to work!


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